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Welcome to Ask Africom where you can publicly ask our support team questions.

Welcome to the Africom Answers pages!

  • This site is dedicated to answering your questions (no matter how complicated or basic) to make sure that you get the technical expertise you need. We only ask for one thing in return - helps us share this information for the benefit of other clients.

    We’d also like to encourage our clients with interests in technology and networking (a.k.a the geeks and nerds) to contribute your extensive knowledge and know-how to help make our collective experience as awesome as possible - we’d love to learn from you too! And we’ll make sure we recognize your contribution as every user can vote for the answers they found to be the most helpful (and generally uber-awesome). With your help and contribution, we can make this an awesome place to meet and share ideas and knowledge.

  • Why are we doing this?

    We wanted to create an accessible way for our clients and team to share their collective knowledge. Between us we have some of the smartest people in the galaxy and nothing is impossible when we work together.

    Our collective knowledge would be a great benefit to clients who need some help or advice. While we’ll discuss everything Africom here, we’d like to open the forum to any related topics so that the resource can benefit anyone, whether they are a client or not (so please refer your friends if you find something that may help them out).

  • What do I have to do?

    That’s a hard one. The quick answer is nothing. You don’t have to post a question or reply to make use of the site. But we’d really appreciate if you voted for posts and replies that you found useful (it will help us reward the clients who are making the forum awesome). You can also share articles you found useful or think may help someone via social media or by email, so that everyone can share in the knowledge.

    Answers to questions posted on this forum by clients will be emailed back to them so they may read them at their own convenience.

  • What's in it for me?

    Knowledge is its own reward.

    OK, we’ll have to do better! We’ll be running ongoing competitions for the most popular answers and the best replies. It all depends on numbers and votes. The site itself will reward each poster with points and rankings, so you can always keep track of how awesome you are compared to the rest. But since it’s Africom, don’t be surprised if there are internet goodies up for grabs. We’ll post the prizes so you know what you’re competing for.

  • Enough talk, where do I sign up?

    It’s REALLY easy. Just click here to register for Africom Answers.

    All you’ll need to do then is complete your profile and then start posting questions and answers.

  • How do I ask a question?

    Just click on the “Ask a Question” tab and ask away.

    Some pointers that may help:

    1. Give your question a meaningful title, but one that easily conveys your question. Remember you have more space for details, so stick to the question, like “Install my USB dongle on Windows 10”. This will make sure your question is easy to understand and index for the benefit of other Answers users.

    2. Include as much detail in the body of the question. The more specific details you can include (without divulging anything personal - it’s the internet after all), the better your chances of getting an aswer specific to your circumstances. Don’t worry about making questions generic, we want you to find a solution that fits you perfectly. Include information like what you are trying to achieve, what error messages you are seeing and what steps you have already followed.

    3. Give your question a quick once-over before you hit the “Ask the Question” button. Make sure you avoid the unwanted gaze of the grammar Nazis! Seriously though, the better your question is put together, the better your chances of getting a great answer!

    Now go on, Ask us!