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One of each of buy astral diamonds xbox

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In your last discussion regarding the new Castle Certainly not dungeon, we brought up Orcus's lieutenants plus the threat they sat to adventurers. Today we can talk about your big bad herself. Orcus came for you to Castle Never seeking the phylactery involving Azharzel, Valindra's dracolich. It's not ample for Orcus to get Demon Prince involving Undeath and a great entire city involving mind flayers enslaved using an undead Elder Mental faculties, he wants a new pet dragon also. Once Orcus contains the phylactery, all he needs is often a living dragon host and the guy can add a dracolich for you to his menagerie.

Orcus is a final boss towards the end of Castle Certainly not. One of each of our goals in generating this boss fight was to make certain players were encountered with the dangers Orcus will certainly throw at these people before reaching a final room. All of Orcus's significant powers are previewed in gameplay during the entire dungeon.
asked Mar 28, 2016 by zifathy

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